15 Restaurant Blogs Every Restaurateur Should Read

Reading restaurant blogs is a good way for a restaurateur to learn more about the industry. This can be in the form of recent news, current trends, expert advice, or simply learning what others have experienced. It is important that restaurateurs keep themselves informed so they can practice the things they learned and apply them […]

How to Build a Restaurant Loyalty Program [+ ideas and examples]

Imagine walking into a restaurant and being greeted very warmly by the host as soon as you step in. You are promptly seated, helped with choosing menu items, and your order is taken. The servers are polite and the food is delectable. You are delighted when you receive a flavorful complimentary dessert. To top things […]

12 Lesser-known Ways to Increase Restaurant Foot Traffic

Have you been researching “how to increase foot traffic in restaurant”? We get it. The pandemic and its associated restrictions have been very harsh for restaurant owners. Now that vaccines are available and people are not scared of stepping out, restaurants can heave a sigh of relief. But what will draw crowds to your restaurant […]

These 11 Restaurant Industry Trends Are Rising in 2022

The restaurant industry is a resilient group. Even if they’re constantly facing challenges year in and year out, it hasn’t stopped them from persevering. Restaurant owners are constantly looking for innovative ways to increase sales. As a result, restaurant industry trends are born and are being used as standards in restaurant operations. → 2022 is […]

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram For Restaurants

If your restaurant is looking to reinforce its marketing efforts, Instagram is probably on top of your to-do list. With the addition of business profiles, analytics, and ads, Instagram for restaurants has become a powerful tool. → EagleOwl helps all type of restaurants maximize their profitability by as much as 25%. Follow this link for […]