How to Control Food Costs and Increase Your Restaurant Bottom Line

Restaurant owners often look at their sales figures as the only barometer for success. However, sales figures do not tell you the entire story. Looking at food cost metrics should also be a priority for restaurants. Most importantly, a low food cost will have a major impact on your bottom line. In this article, we […]

Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Restaurant Accounting

Restaurant accounting is a topic most restaurant owners dread. All restaurant owners want to do is operate the restaurant and find ways to earn profit. But what if we tell you that restaurant accounting is an integral part in restaurant operations? Hiring an accountant for your restaurant accounting will help with the books. However, the […]

Everything You Need To Know About Restaurant Taxes

There are a lot of factors that go into taxing a restaurant. Income, location, restaurant size, number of employees are some of the criteria where the government will look to levy taxes on the restaurant. Depending on these variables, the restaurant can shell out thousands of dollars per year just to pay their restaurant taxes. […]

How to value a restaurant (and why it matters)

Determining the value of a restaurant is beneficial to multiple parties: the seller, the buyer, and the investor. The seller, usually the owner of the restaurant, is the party who will most likely do a restaurant business valuation. The main reasons behind this is because they want to know how much money they’ll be getting […]

11 Pricing Strategies for Restaurants To Increase Profits

The restaurant business is fairly straightforward – you make money from the food you sell. So unless you have priced your restaurant menu smartly, it is quite difficult to make a healthy profit. Most wannabe restaurateurs feel pricing a menu doesn’t need a deep understanding of costing and instead go with gut feel, approximation, and […]