Want to Hire a Chef for Restaurant? Here’s How to Do It and Where to Begin

Hiring a chef is one of the key factors for success in a restaurant business. Having a chef guarantees that someone will take care of all things related to the kitchen. A chef will take leads on projects related to your menu, new products, workflows, and standard procedures. In short, a chef will serve as […]

10 Tips To Build A Strong Restaurant Culture

The restaurant industry is very demanding. Odd working hours, unorganized salary structure, constantly attending to guests (some of which are hard to please). Plus, the stress of dealing with an unhappy or rude customer – all of these can take a toll on the staff. This can affect your restaurant’s success as employee engagement impacts […]

How To Create A Restaurant Training Manual 

The lifeline of the restaurant industry are its employees. Therefore, only the best restaurant training should be allocated to them. In this article, we would like to share our knowledge on what must be inside your restaurant service training manual. Why Do You Need a Restaurant Training Manual? It is important that every employee knows […]

How to Survive the Restaurant Staffing Shortage?

The COVID19 pandemic made business owners across the globe realize the importance of investing in the physical and mental well-being of their staff. While corporates adopted the work-from-home culture, restaurants had to opt for the delivery-only model to survive the crisis. In 2020 alone, more than 110k restaurants went out of business. Since the restaurant […]

Restaurant Manager Job Description: What Duties Should You Include?

A restaurant will achieve success when its whole team of employees works as one. But, the team of employees can only achieve success when it gets proper guidance from its leader. Ensuring that daily operations run smoothly is one of the primary restaurant manager duties and responsibilities. In addition, the restaurant manager is there to […]