A to Z Guide: How to Do Restaurant Payroll

Payroll is a term we hear often in all businesses and a restaurant isn’t any different. In this article, we’ll be sharing to you a comprehensive guide on how to do restaurant payroll. → Payroll eats up a lot of your revenue. It is important to learn how to increase your profitability. Click here to […]

How to Prepare Budget for A Restaurant Like A Pro

If you want a chance at success in your restaurant venture, then restaurant budgeting should be one of your top priorities. Without proper restaurant budgeting, you might not realize that you’re already spending too much even before you open your restaurant. → Restaurant budgeting is a great way to maximize profitability. Another way to improve […]

10 Restaurant Inventory Management Best Practices

If you’ve been in the restaurant industry long enough, you’ll know restaurant inventory management is a crucial element to ensure decent profits. While many dread the process calling it complicated, the advancement in technology has brought forward many superior solutions that not just simplify inventory management but also save time. →Request for a free demo […]

13 Steps to Effectively Use Instagram for Restaurants

If your restaurant is looking to reinforce its marketing efforts, Instagram is probably on top of your to-do list. With the addition of business profiles, analytics, and ads, Instagram has become a powerful tool for all types of restaurants. → EagleOwl helps all type of restaurants maximize their profitability by as much as 25%. Follow […]

Opening a Bar: Checklist for Bar Owners

The itch to open a bar has been nagging you since your college days. As you grow tired of working your corporate life, you start to revisit the idea of opening a bar. But, where do you start? → Need help with profits in your bar? EagleOwl looks to add 25% to your bottom line […]