13 Best Restaurant Consultants In India

At some point in our lives, we’re sure that there’s a moment where you’ve wanted to own your own restaurant. There’s a certain appeal to seeing your customers eat the food you conceptualized and being served with the utmost care. It’s easy mouthing the words “start my own restaurant” but the difficulty penetrating this space […]

[Guest Post] The Power of SaaS In The Food and Beverages Industry

The food and beverage sector hasn’t always been a tech-driven industry, but that’s starting to change. Mounting competition and recent disruptions have driven food and beverage companies to innovate, pushing the industry to rely on new digital technologies. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions have led this innovation. Food and beverage businesses have traditionally lagged behind others in […]

Top Restaurant Conferences and Trade Shows in 2021

The global pandemic hit every sector in some form or another – hard. In the beginning, many businesses struggled to continue with their regular operations. Then, however, entrepreneurs came up with creative solutions and found new ways to keep the business world running. One of the biggest challenge for the corporate world, is the participation […]

Are Cloud kitchens really more profitable?

Sprig, Munchery, Spoonrocket, Maple. Sounds familiar? These are some of the well-known cloud kitchen brands out of USA, years of operation and funding raised.  Sprig – 2013-17, $56.7M Munchery – 2010 – 19, $125M Maple – 2015-17, $26M Maple’s food cost was 63% of revenue in 2015, wonder how the future food cost projections could […]

Top Reasons For Restaurant Failure

Every day we see a lot of restaurants being born out of passion, but they go south in record time. Moreover, the pandemic has not been very kind to the hospitality industry and restaurants have been shut for months on end, making it highly challenging for restaurant owners to make ends meet.  But even without […]