Excel for Restaurants: Is There a Better Way to Manage Your Food Business?

A spreadsheet is one of the most popular tools in managing a restaurant. Restaurants have a vast amount of data that needs to be tracked in different time intervals. For that reason, Excel is a necessary resource used by all levels of management.  Using Excel for restaurants means the data you input has to be […]

How to Hire A Chef for Your Restaurant (skills, responsibilities, and more)

Hiring a chef is one of the key factors for success in a restaurant business. Having a chef guarantees that someone will take care of all things related to the kitchen. A chef will take leads on projects related to your menu, new products, workflows, and standard procedures. In short, a chef will serve as […]

Top 11 Restaurant Industry Trends for 2022

The restaurant industry is a resilient group. Even if they’re constantly facing challenges year in and year out, it hasn’t stopped them from persevering. Restaurant owners are constantly looking for innovative ways to increase sales. As a result, restaurant industry trends are born and are being used as standards in restaurant operations. → 2022 is […]

Best Delivery Services for Restaurants (and which of them to join)

The restaurant scene has changed since the global pandemic hit in March of 2020. Consumers have gravitated towards ordering food online rather than dining in. In other countries, lockdowns have been implemented and people have no choice but to order their food online. Because of this, delivery for restaurants has become a necessity. → With […]

A to Z Guide: How to Do Restaurant Payroll

Payroll is a term we hear often in all businesses and a restaurant isn’t any different. In this article, we’ll be sharing to you a comprehensive guide on how to do restaurant payroll. → Payroll eats up a lot of your revenue. It is important to learn how to increase your profitability. Click here to […]