Restaurant Kitchen Layout: Your Guide to Designing your Cooking Space

The kitchen is the heart and soul of a restaurant. The food that comes from the kitchen is the main factor whether customers will go back to your restaurant or not. However, the work that comes with making the food also takes a lot of preparation. And it all begins with a restaurant kitchen design […]

How to Build a Memorable and Lovable Restaurant Brand (8 steps)

Restaurant branding is more than just a logo. It is the personality that the restaurant exudes. In the competitive world of restaurants, restaurant branding can boost name recall and attract new customers. A successful restaurant brand is visible in all customer interactions. For example, a restaurant’s brand can be its menu design or food styling. […]

How to Control Food Costs and Increase Your Restaurant Bottom Line

Restaurant owners often look at their sales figures as the only barometer for success. However, sales figures do not tell you the entire story. Looking at food cost metrics should also be a priority for restaurants. Most importantly, a low food cost will have a major impact on your bottom line. In this article, we […]

12 Restaurant Photography Tips To Compose Cool Photos

Digital marketing strategies have been highly sought after since the pandemic started. For restaurants, this means sharing restaurant & food images online to stay connected with their audiences. After all, out of sight quickly transpires to out of mind. This led to an increased demand for restaurant photography that can compel customers to order online.  […]

What’s Behind Restaurant Staffing Shortage? (And What To Do About It)

The COVID19 pandemic made business owners across the globe realize the importance of investing in the physical and mental well-being of their staff. While corporates adopted the work-from-home culture, restaurants had to opt for the delivery-only model to survive the crisis. In 2020 alone, more than 110k restaurants went out of business. Since the restaurant […]