The Complete Restaurant Management Solution


EagleOwl is your restaurant operations manager with razor sharp focus on improving your bottomline and back office efficiency. We use a bit of science, technology and more of common sense.

We know your margins are thin and restaurant operations are tough, we have felt your pain. India’s finest breweries partner with us to ensure they are on top of the game. Don’t be left behind, if you want to be the next big chain. We have got you covered with a complete offering right from Inventory management, POS, CRM and Table Reservation. Undoubtedly, it is the best a restaurant can get !


We started off as an inventory player and added POS, KDS, CRM and Table Reservation to our quiver of arrows. You need to be armed to win and we provide you with the armoury.
Each product line is built with extreme care, diligence, user feedback and passion with a blend of beauty and perfection. We are not software sellers, we are your fuel, your partner for growth. We genuinely want you to succeed, be the best you can be.


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Our plans start at 9999 per month.

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