10 Restaurant Inventory Management Best Practices

If you’ve been in the restaurant industry long enough, you’ll know restaurant inventory management is a crucial element to ensure decent profits. While many dread the process calling it complicated, the advancement in technology has brought forward many superior solutions that not just simplify inventory management but also save time. →Request for a free demo […]

13 Steps to Effectively Use Instagram for Restaurants

If your restaurant is looking to reinforce its marketing efforts, Instagram is probably on top of your to-do list. With the addition of business profiles, analytics, and ads, Instagram has become a powerful tool for all types of restaurants. → EagleOwl helps all type of restaurants maximize their profitability by as much as 25%. Follow […]

10 Tips To Build A Strong Restaurant Culture

The restaurant industry is very demanding. Odd working hours, unorganized salary structure, constantly attending to guests (some of which are hard to please). Plus, the stress of dealing with an unhappy or rude customer – all of these can take a toll on the staff. This can affect your restaurant’s success as employee engagement impacts […]

Top 8 Food Truck Marketing Tactics

The pandemic made it challenging for restaurants and bars to stay afloat with the government placing strict restrictions on large-scale events. So many restaurants decided to serve customers through food trucks. Since food trucks require very little setup cost, it became a very popular option. But such a business model cannot succeed without the right […]

How to get a Michelin Star For Your Restaurant

Do you know how to get a Michelin Star? It is one of the most prestigious honors in the culinary world. But a lot of people don’t understand whether a Michelin Star is for restaurants or chefs. The fact is, chefs, don’t earn Michelin stars. They actually go to the restaurant itself, and each star […]