How To Do Menu Engineering To Increase Your Profits

The food and restaurant business is a highly competitive one. Hence, entrepreneurs and marketers in this field are always thinking of ways to differentiate. Experts will tell you that the devil is in the details. So with restaurant marketing, your best strategies aren’t always “out there,” but in your current practices. Take your restaurant menu […]

How to Create Recipes: The Process of Adding New Menu Items

Good ideas can come from unexpected places. However, if you aren’t familiar with some basic rules in the kitchen and what the recipe ideation process looks like, you might forget your ideas very quickly or simply throw away your final dish after applying a wrong food combination. In this article, we are going to cover […]

13 Ways To Apply Menu Engineering For Restaurant Profitability

Menu isn’t just a price list written in black and white. It’s in your hands to design your menu in a way that will encourage your guests to order your most profitable recipes. The process that’s responsible for designing, pricing, and positioning your menu items is called menu engineering. According to Gofrugal, “Menu engineering is […]

How To Start a Franchise Food Business In India

You may be wondering what a franchise is – a word we hear quite often in the food business world. Franchises are businesses that allow franchisees to operate using franchisors’ names and models. In a franchise business, you practically own the company, but you have to follow a set of rules and regulations presented by […]