How to Use Restaurant Menu Engineering Matrix

Imagine this scenario, you’ve been running a restaurant for six months and you’re wondering why the bottom-line isn’t that good. You’ve calculated all of your fixed & variable expenses and have noticed that your revenue should have been enough to earn a profit. It’s quite possible that the cost to make your food products are […]

How to Recruit Employees for Restaurants

A restaurant’s biggest asset is its employees. They are a true reflection of your restaurant and its dining environment. Restaurant managers know that without a great team, it is impossible to deliver exceptional customer service. This makes hiring for restaurants an even more challenging task. Add to that the ongoing labor shortage and the problem […]

How to Value a Restaurant Business (and why it matters)

Determining the value of a restaurant is beneficial to multiple parties: the seller, the buyer, and the investor. The seller, usually the owner of the restaurant, is the party who will most likely do a restaurant business valuation. The main reasons behind this is because they want to know how much money they’ll be getting […]

Disadvantages and Advantages of Kiosks in Restaurants

Self service restaurants are becoming more prevalent in this day and age due to advancements in technology. People are also living busy lives and queuing in long lines doesn’t cut it for them anymore. Operating a self service restaurant will help your customers choose and pay for menu items without needing to talk to a […]

15 Restaurant Event Ideas To Fill Your Restaurant Seats

One of the best ways to promote your restaurant and attract customers is by hosting interesting events. It helps customers from all walks of life and different age groups to discover your restaurant, its food, and its excellent service. In this blog, we have compiled a list of innovative restaurant event ideas to entertain your […]