How To Expand Food Business

It’s always exciting to see your business flourish and earn good profits from it. Once you have established a food business and managed to drive sales, the next step is to grow the business. Food business expansion has to be thoroughly strategized to ensure you don’t get off on the wrong foot. If you are […]

Restaurant Review Template: 34 Survey Questions for Customer Feedback

​​Obtaining customer feedback is an awesome strategy to know the situation of your restaurant at the customer level. Most of the time, there are certain issues in the restaurant that only the customer will be able to point out. Whether restaurant owners would want to admit this or not, there’s a certain stubbornness that’s present […]

How To Make Restaurant Business Plan Template [Free Download]

The restaurant industry is a very difficult wall to penetrate. The sheer number of competition in the space will have you second guessing your decision to enter. Big corporations together with small & medium enterprises are into the food business. You’ll start to think to yourself, how can I compete with them? However, with great […]

13 Best Restaurant Consultants In India

At some point in our lives, we’re sure that there’s a moment where you’ve wanted to own your own restaurant. There’s a certain appeal to seeing your customers eat the food you conceptualized and being served with the utmost care. It’s easy mouthing the words “start my own restaurant” but the difficulty penetrating this space […]

11 Pricing Strategies for Restaurants To Increase Profits

The restaurant business is fairly straightforward – you make money from the food you sell. So unless you have priced your restaurant menu smartly, it is quite difficult to make a healthy profit. Most wannabe restaurateurs feel pricing a menu doesn’t need a deep understanding of costing and instead go with gut feel, approximation, and […]