Everything You Need To Know About Restaurant Taxes

There are a lot of factors that go into taxing a restaurant. Income, location, restaurant size, number of employees are some of the criteria where the government will look to levy taxes on the restaurant. Depending on these variables, the restaurant can shell out thousands of dollars per year just to pay their restaurant taxes. […]

10 Most Popular Types Of Restaurants

Owning and running a restaurant is appealing to many. There is a certain excitement in creating a space where people come to experience great service and food curated by your staff. If you desire to have your own restaurant, you need to be confident about the format you choose. While there are various types of […]

10 Restaurant Quality Control Procedures Every Restaurant Owner Should Follow

Without offering great quality food, it is practically impossible to draw crowds to your restaurant. It is the single most aspect that trumps every other aspect of customer service and restaurant management. Quality control is for restaurants what cheese is for pizza – it enhances the final result. This happens because quality control measures ensure […]