6 Ways to Delight your Restaurant Guests with Excellent Customer Service

Restaurants who offer great customer service generally have more success than those who don’t. Food is not the only metric to measure a restaurant’s success, restaurant customer service plays an important role too.  According to Benbria, 7 out of 10 customers say they’re inclined to spend more money in a business that delivers great customer […]

[Guest Post] The Power of SaaS In The Food and Beverages Industry

The food and beverage sector hasn’t always been a tech-driven industry, but that’s starting to change. Mounting competition and recent disruptions have driven food and beverage companies to innovate, pushing the industry to rely on new digital technologies. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions have led this innovation. Food and beverage businesses have traditionally lagged behind others in […]

Top Restaurant Conferences and Trade Shows in 2021

The global pandemic hit every sector in some form or another – hard. In the beginning, many businesses struggled to continue with their regular operations. Then, however, entrepreneurs came up with creative solutions and found new ways to keep the business world running. One of the biggest challenge for the corporate world, is the participation […]

How Eagleowl Helped Brew & Barbeque Streamline Restaurant Operations And Save Lakhs Per Month!

Prasanna Kumar, CEO of B&B, a top rated microbrewery pub in Bangalore, is young, aggressive, energetic and loves to take decisions based on data. It would be apt to say that he is quite paranoid about it over the last 6 months and that puts us under a lot of pressure, being his software partner for BOH […]

Restaurants Start Bleeding Money Even Before They Open- A Way To Restaurant Sustenance!

“Opening a restaurant, writing a book and making a movie are arguably the top three things that humans desire in their life. Opening a restaurant is considered the easiest by most of them. Boy, aren’t they wrong!”–Vinodh Rajaraman The quote stuck with me as it subtly explains that when it comes to restaurants, there is […]