How To Hold Your Restaurant Staff Accountable [2021 Guide]

Creating the right culture in a restaurant is vital for smooth functioning of work and ensuring accountability in restaurant operations. When your staff takes responsibility for the work that has been allocated to them as well as for their mistakes, it helps in building mutual trust.  A lot of restaurant managers and owners fear the […]

8 Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas in 2021

Wondering how to attract more customers to your restaurant? You’re not alone. With the ample availability of vaccines in many countries around the globe and the number of fully vaccinated citizens on the rise, restaurant owners are expecting a spike in the number of customers. This has gotten restaurateurs looking for modern & unique restaurant […]

Restaurant Review Template: 34 Survey Questions for Customer Feedback

​​Obtaining customer feedback is an awesome strategy to know the situation of your restaurant at the customer level. Most of the time, there are certain issues in the restaurant that only the customer will be able to point out. Whether restaurant owners would want to admit this or not, there’s a certain stubbornness that’s present […]

How To Make Restaurant Business Plan Template [Free Download]

The restaurant industry is a very difficult wall to penetrate. The sheer number of competition in the space will have you second guessing your decision to enter. Big corporations together with small & medium enterprises are into the food business. You’ll start to think to yourself, how can I compete with them? However, with great […]