Here Are A Few Restaurant Design Tips For You To Take A Note Of

Restaurant Design Tips

Let’s talk about some restaurant design tips in the article. Why? Because the restaurant is an exponentially growing industry and if you are planning to be another million-dollar restaurateur you would surely need a solid USP. A restaurant is not just a place which serves good food anymore, people today seek an experience which means a thematic restaurant with fun gigs would attract more customers than a bistro with average food. Of course, it is a different story if you are a Michelin Star restaurant!

Billions and billions of dollars are being spent to offer customers luxurious ambiance and a quality experience. But you do not have to be a multimillionaire to start your own restaurant, just being smart would sail your boat. Follow these quick tips and tricks to bring your miraculous project alive.

Tip 1: Give your restaurant a personality!

You can be a master of your own fate and decide what kind of service you want to provide. It could be based on the food you specialize or the crowd you want to target. A punk rock café or a cute romantic Parisian bistro, the choice is yours.

Tip 2: Justify your brand.

If the concept of your restaurant is completely out of the box, go for it. Make promises to people and fulfill it. Just remember not to be ‘one of the best’ but be ‘the best’ restaurant of that genre.

Tip 3: First things First.

Doorknobs are the first thing you notice in an eatery. And we definitely do not want to spoil our first impressions right? Make sure you put a significant amount of efforts in deciding the way you want your entrance to look. Go overboard and woo your customer’s hearts with that doorknob.

Tip 4: Sort your seating scene!

Chronologically speaking, as soon as you enter a café you chose a table or you are assigned one. In either case, the seating arrangement is important. Make sure you have an ample amount of seating based on the crowd you are expecting. Big sized tables will outnumber small tables in a family restaurant while a coffee shop will have a bunch of smaller tables.

Tip 5: Attractive menu design always comes to the rescue.

The menu is one of the most effective brand impressions that you can give to your customers. Make sure you design it in a way that sweeps off your customer’s feet. Be generous here and give your menu an enticing look.

Tip 6: Breath in! breathe out! & Ventilate!

We all know how attractive a good aroma is. But a myriad of them is a big no. So, make sure to have a proper ventilation system and do not suffocate your customers. 

Restaurant Design Tips
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Tip 7: Light away that space.

Some good lighting is always in fashion. Make sure your fixtures go with the theme. A Scandinavian themed interior will have bright lights whereas a romantic space should be dimly lit. A grand chandelier would make the place look posh whereas a DIY glass bottle lamp décor would give that bohemian vibe to your coffee bar.

Tip 8: Storage solutions.

Make sure to provide considerate storage spaces in your restaurant. Your kitchen will have larger chunks of furniture to store the bulk raw food items, while a cutlery dispenser should be delicate furniture only storing the essentials and looking pretty.

Tip 9: Cute cutlery certainly!

When it comes to restaurant design, most of the people think cutlery goes unnoticed by many in a good restaurant but in fact, it is one thing that can take away the brownie points of your luxe restaurant. Cutlery should go exactly with the style of your eatery, eclectic ceramic ware would look sassy in a café but if you have a high-end family restaurant make sure you invest those extra bucks in the silverware.

Tip 10: Bathroom design.

In this era where bathroom selfie is one of the most trendy things amongst the millennials, you do not want to miss that opportunity to market your brand. Washrooms give an image of your restaurant to your customer, so make sure it is spick and span. Time to be creative!

Tip 11: Uniform for workers.

If you are a family restaurant attracting posh crowd this is probably one of the things that will help you create your brand identity. Celebrity fashion designers are being hired to design costumes for waiters, you do not want to stay behind in the trend of restaurant design, right?

Tip 12: Acoustical Design.

Another important aspect of restaurant design is Acoustics. Different type of restaurant invites different kinds of people. There could be a business meeting going on at some table whereas in the other there could be a kid’s birthday party. And music is really important too! So do the necessary arrangements to block sound where it is unwanted.

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Tip 13: Hire the right designers!

Always hire the best team, who understand your needs and budget. Licensed interior designers already working in this field have an idea of the market situation, what your design needs are, what are the things required to create a brand image and so on. Communicate with your architects and convey all your requirements clearly.

Follow these basic advise for your restaurant design and see your restaurant bustle with customers.

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