How To Automate Food Cost Calculation

Miscalculated food cost percentages and high food costs are among the top 10 reasons why restaurants fail to survive. If you are still calculating your food costs manually, you risk making mistakes that would be difficult to recover from. In this article, we will talk about  -how to get started with food cost calculation, -how […]

How To Create The Perfect Holiday Menu

The restaurant business tends to get a boost during holidays, as high as up to 306 % percent! People have more free time to spend with loved ones, so naturally, they tend to go out to enjoy a nice dinner somewhere outside. And while the holidays usually bring more business, they also require extra work […]

Menu Pricing Methods: Which one is right for you?

In one of previous articles, we have talked about two main menu pricing strategies and shared tips for designing your menu. Today we want to introduce five menu pricing methods that restaurants can apply when pricing their menus..  We will emphasize the pros and cons of all restaurant menu pricing methods and show what’s the […]

How Many Items Should Be On A Restaurant Menu

Imagine walking into a five-restaurant. The lights are warm and dim enough to not strain your eyes, and the seats make it feel like you’re sitting on clouds. The server glides to your table almost as if he’s floating on a magic carpet. He takes a menu from his side and hands it to you.  […]