Our Proud Partners

We are extremely proud in collaborating with the leading FnB consultants in Bangalore. They have not only been supportive for us, but also are very excited about EagleOwl. What else validates a product better than the words of industry veterans!

Chef Manjit Singh

Chef Manjit Singh is energetic, hardworking, smart and meticulous. These are not mere adjectives, but defines the man and his infectious smile.

An industry veteran with over 20 years in FnB, been there and done that. He is the founder of Recode Hospitality, ran a successful restaurant in Bangalore, setup numerous premium breweries and restaurants across India. Chef Manjit recommends EagleOwl to any one who wants to run their restaurants efficiently.

Misha Pamnany

Misha Pamnany is a leading FnB consultant whose expertise has served multiple restaurants and breweries across Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Goa.
Born and brought up in Bangalore, Misha now facilitates the end-to-end setups for all kinds of F&B outlets. Misha recommends EagleOwl for a smooth restaurant operation and increased profitability.

Her projects:

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