Why we started Eagleowl
Everything starts with an unmet need. I was tasked with kitchen operations for a food-tech startup, with a food cost target of 35%. We were not doing well here and worse yet, we didn’t know why. We evaluated software for tracking food cost and narrowed down on one. While most apps claimed to support food costing, their focus was on the point of sale system. None of the apps were doing inventory management and food costing right.
Vinodh Rajaraman

Vinodh Rajaraman

Vinodh is a Systems Engineer with the bulk of his experience in the area of enterprise telecom software. He managed to complete his engineering from BITS Pilani, class of 2000 and still gets nightmares from ‘Mechanics and Optics’ physics course in his first semester. He started his entrepreneurial journey after heading the operations of a food tech startup at Bangalore, where he played a key role in optimising key operational metrics.

Has an avid interest in numbers, loves poker and taking risks. He’s always thinking of world and life at large and agrees with Al Pacino on being a “A fan of man, humanist”.

Binu Ks

Binu KS

The assassin - the silent sharp shooter. He hardly talks and if he does, we listen. A veteran full stack developer, Binu began programming in school at the age of 10 on a home PC with 256 KB RAM and a 9 Mhz processor. He holds 10 US patents in video conferencing and was a finalist in Google India Code Jam 2005. An Electrical Engineer from IIT Mumbai, class of 1999 with nearly 30 years of coding, he is the quintessential technology wizard. You can read more about his interesting journey here.

Avid macro photographer who chases bugs (not the software kinds) on weekends. Of late, he has been trying real hard to catch up with Vinodh on the creativity front, admittedly he’s still behind.