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A simple and insightful restaurant back office solution. Typical COGS in industry ranges from 25-35%, whilst most restaurants are way above this. EagleOwl helps bring this down and stabilise, so you can add more to your bottomline.

Any restaurateur interested in increased profitability, establishing a scientific process to improve operational efficiency and scale. This may sound like a typical marketing jargon, but we mean it.
All EagleOwl needs is your daily itemised billing records, purchase information and recipes to start with. We have provided a simplified excel importer to do this in just a few minutes. Contact us to get an account created for you.
Yes. If your current system supports data export, we will support you with the data import process to EagleOwl.
Honestly, this is what we also hear from our prospects, till they see and then use it. EagleOwl is simple yet in-depth and sophisticated. What you will get is just the bit you want to see with actionable points, a DSS (Decision Support System). We provide you with unmatched personalised support.
Absolutely. If you have the recipes, we’ve got them covered - food, beer or liquor.
In theory it looks good, but in practice it isn't.
Yes, more the merrier. We’ve got all use cases covered.
You pay as a you grow, monthly or quarterly (if you don’t like nagging monthly invoices). If you don’t like the product, we will refund the remaining credit in your subscription. Your data will be available for export for up to 10 days after termination following which we will not retain it.