12 Restaurant Photography Tips To Compose Cool Photos

Digital marketing strategies have been highly sought after since the pandemic started. For restaurants, this means sharing restaurant & food images online to stay connected with their audiences. After all, out of sight quickly transpires to out of mind. This led to an increased demand for restaurant photography that can compel customers to order online.  […]

10 Restaurant Manager Duties to Include In Job Descriptions

A restaurant will achieve success when its whole team of employees works as one. But, the team of employees can only achieve success when it gets proper guidance from its leader. Ensuring that daily operations run smoothly is one of the primary restaurant manager duties. In addition, the restaurant manager is there to solve problems […]

10 Most Popular Types Of Restaurants

Owning and running a restaurant is appealing to many. There is a certain excitement in creating a space where people come to experience great service and food curated by your staff. If you desire to have your own restaurant, you need to be confident about the format you choose. While there are various types of […]

Manager’s Complete Guide To Restaurant Hiring

A restaurant’s biggest asset is its employees. They are a true reflection of your restaurant and its dining environment. Restaurant managers know that without a great team, it is impossible to deliver exceptional customer service. This makes hiring for restaurants an even more challenging task. Add to that the ongoing labor shortage and the problem […]

How to value a restaurant (and why it matters)

Determining the value of a restaurant is beneficial to multiple parties: the seller, the buyer, and the investor. The seller, usually the owner of the restaurant, is the party who will most likely do a restaurant business valuation. The main reasons behind this is because they want to know how much money they’ll be getting […]