5 Examples How Restaurant Data Analytics Will Improve Your Business Decisions

For the past few years, the focus of all industries and businesses is digitization and automation. Automation has allowed businesses to reduce manual work to yield consistent results. Meanwhile, digitalization further allowed businesses to improve processes and systems using data gathered in real-time with the help of digital transformation tools. All data coming from the […]

How To Optimize Your Restaurant Operations With Data and Insights

With the advent of technology, more and more restaurant owners are gaining access to valuable real-time data via restaurant management systems. These data can give restaurant owners insight into every aspect of their operations and help them understand their business patterns and evaluate their business success. However, most restaurant owners do not know how and […]

Top reasons for restaurant failure

Various statistics are being thrown on restaurant failure rates, some claiming as high as 80% -90% within an year. This 90% is attributed to the American Express commercial many years ago. However, various studies have busted that myth. National Restaurant Association of US places this number close to 60% within the first three years of […]

How Eagleowl Helped Brew & Barbeque Streamline Restaurant Operations And Save Lakhs Per Month!

Prasanna Kumar, CEO of B&B, a top rated microbrewery pub in Bangalore, is young, aggressive, energetic and loves to take decisions based on data. It would be apt to say that he is quite paranoid about it over the last 6 months and that puts us under a lot of pressure, being his software partner for BOH […]

Restaurants Start Bleeding Money Even Before They Open- A Way To Restaurant Sustenance!

“Opening a restaurant, writing a book and making a movie are arguably the top three things that humans desire in their life. Opening a restaurant is considered the easiest by most of them. Boy, aren’t they wrong!”–Vinodh Rajaraman The quote stuck with me as it subtly explains that when it comes to restaurants, there is […]